Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lone Pine Hike

Hey Deep peeps, we are going on our first hike on May 25th. We will be hiking up at Lone Pine State Park.

This is a beginner's hike, so everyone is welcome to join us. BUT you must have a parent/guardian sign a release form if you are under 18. No release form = no more Facebook for the rest of your life and never, ever, ever having a cell phone AND not going on this hike. (Well, part of that was true.) Release forms will be available on Wednesday at Deeper and Sunday morning at The River. You can also download a release form here.

Bring your own water and prepare for a good time! We will be back down at about 5:00pm.

When: May 25 @ 3:00pm
Where: Lone Pine new parking lot (get the map on Wednesday or Sunday!)
Why: Because we are not boring and dead.
Who: Everybody 13 to 18 years old—except people who don't have a release form—and young adults from our Encounter group.