Have you ever wanted to change the world? Do you want to share the love of God with others? DEEPER, the youth ministry of The River, is forming a team of young people that will go to Thailand to make an impact on a nation that is in need of God’s light. We invite you to be a part of the team. Not only will you make an impact on others, your life will be changed as well.

Make a Donation
If you would like to donate to our trip, you can give online using a credit card, PayPal, or your bank account.
Trip Application
You must submit an application if you wish to be a part of the team for this trip. Our leaders and staff will prayerfully consider your application and get back to you. Download it here!
Purpose of trip
The purpose of the trip is to bring American and Thai youth into experiential encounters with God in His truth, love, and power. We know they will be changed forever.

Thailand is an ancient nation located in Southeast Asia. It has a population of about 65 million people, which is 95% Buddhist and 4% Muslim. Only about 1% of the population has heard the good news about Jesus--leaving millions of people living in spiritual darkness. As a result of the darkness and emptiness in their hearts, the youth of Thailand are searching for love in all of the wrong places. Our team will be invading darkness with the love and light of God, and releasing the supernatural power of Jesus through hands-on ministry.

Our American youth team will receive training and have the opportunity to grow in leadership as they go on outreach. They will learn to see the world from a different perspective as they are immersed in other cultures. They will begin developing a heart like God’s--a heart that beats for every nation to know His love. And finally, they will have an opportunity to engage in hands-on ministry, applying their faith with action.

The Thai youth will have the opportunity to be influenced by other youth who are on fire for Jesus. They will receive an impartation of what God is doing in the lives of our youth and be inspired and challenged to walk with Jesus. They will also impart their unique passion for Jesus back to the American youth.

The dates of our trip will be August 8-20, two incredible weeks that will change history. Our team will be focusing on Southern Thailand, where there has been little missions activity. We will be going to a city called Nakhon Sri Thammarat, a city that is 2,000 years old, to actively share God’s light. We will have opportunities to share the gospel and God’s love. We will be healing the sick, interceding for the city, doing prophetic arts, and leading Thais in worship. This will be real, hands-on ministry for everyone on the team.

The focus of our trip will be on Thai youth. Thai young people are fascinated by Americans and our culture, and we will be using that as a platform to influence them for the Kingdom of God!

While we would love to have everyone go on this fun trip, not everyone will be able to. We have a limited number of young people that can go. In addition, not everybody has the maturity to handle international travel with a missions team. Here are the requirements to go:

  • You must be at least 15 years old (exceptions may be made by leaders).
  • If you are under 18, you submit a release form that is signed by a parent or guardian.
  • You must attend all meetings and trainings.
  • You must demonstrate maturity, willingness to serve, and a Godly lifestyle.

Tentative costs and fundraisers
The tentative cost of the trip is $2,000. This includes transportation, food, lodging, and all other necessary living costs. (It does not include purchasing souvenirs to bring home.)

Why is it so expensive? It is fairly cheap to live in Thailand, but the cost of an international flight is quite high and continues to get higher each year. We have done our best to keep the costs at a minimum. (Other mission organizations often require double or more to participate on a trip like this!)

How can we afford this? There are three main avenues of income to fund this trip. First, we will be doing a series of fundraisers to help the youth go on this trip. These will include selling Thai coffee, serving lunches and dinners for meetings at The River and Cowboy Church, a youth “service” auction, and sending fundraising letters. Second, the trip has also been planned in August so that the youth will have opportunity to work jobs in the earlier summer months when school is out. And third, we know God will release miracles. This trip is about His love touching the nations, and we have repeatedly seen God do incredible miracles to release finances from the most unlikely places.

Passport instructions and notes
If you have been approved to be a part of the Thailand team, the first thing you must do is immediately apply for a U.S. Passport. A passport is a document (a book) that our government gives you to identify you as a citizen and to give you the right to PASS through a port of entry in a different country and to come back into the United States. If you do not have a passport, you cannot go anywhere or get back.

After you apply for the passport, it will take many weeks to get it mailed to you. Do not delay.
Get passport photos taken at Walgreen’s or Costco. Do not take your own photo.
Apply for a US Passport BOOK, and make sure that you request 52 pages.

Here are some additional notes for confusing lines in the passport application:
#8. Mailing address is where you receive mail, which can include a PO Box.
#14. In the occupation box, you may write “Student” or a job that you work.
#17. This address is where you actually live!
#18. Write the name of a parent, guardian, close relative or friend.
#19. Write 08/08/2013, 2 weeks, Thailand

There are not any vaccinations required by the leadership team to participate in this trip.

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